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Cleveland Indians
Introduced in 1990 * The Drew Carey Show -Made a cameo on his show -opening scene cutting the grass * Performed in 12 MLB All-Star games * Was selected & performed in Japan with MLB All-Star Team * Cameo in Sports Illustrated for Kids commercial as well as many Indians commercials

Since being shipped to the Indians from the Fuchsia Islands in 1990, Slider has been bouncing his oversized belly, google eyes, and giant furry yellow nose around Cleveland entertaining Indians fans. Slider arrives to Indian games in style in his very own Jeep. One of the most respected mascots in the league, Slider is well known for his hilarious skits, choreographed dances, as well as his famous fall. During Game 4 of the '95 ALCS Slider fell from the right field wall while performing and had to leave the game with a serious knee injury. This didn't stop him from performing the next night. Slider received more press from this than anything previous and people still talk about it to this day. Slider is very involved in the community and is spotted making appearances near and far.

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